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Jelly Bean Academy and Daycare

Never underestimate a child, they are always seeking knowledge and want to be challenged to learn something new everyday!

At Jelly Bean Academy and Daycare we strongly believe that the first several years of a child's life is the period that they learn the most. Our goal is to ensure that each child experiences nothing less than what we would look for in an Academy for our own children - a safe, positive environment with a high quality of learning!

We are licensed by the Ministry of Education which governs The Childcare and Early Years Act (CCEYA). We provide childcare for children ranging from 16 months to 6 years old.

Some special features that you will find at Jelly Bean are:

  • Private outdoor playground.
  • Qualified and experienced Early childhood Educators.
  • Low teacher/child ratio.
  • Well balanced and nutritious meals prepared freshly on site.
  • Before and after school program
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Our Programs

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Jelly Bean has four classrooms, each having a unique flair for its age group. As children develop and grow they will graduate to the next level until they are ready for Grade 1. Children who graduate from Jelly Bean and start Grade 1, enter with confidence and respect for themselves and others. A high level of learning is established that starts with the Ontario Ministry Guidelines and is further enhanced based on the child's individual potential. Jelly Bean is enrolled in the CWELCC System. Effective November 1, 2022, Jelly Bean has modified its rates based on the conditions set by CWELCC and are visible on this website. Jelly Bean can terminate this agreement by giving the municipality of York 60 days' notice. Parents will also be notified of changes to enrollment by providing 60 days' notice.

Kids learning

Toddler16 months - 2 ½ years

A steady drive for independence can be seen from the first day a child starts at Jelly Bean. Lots of interesting activities are created so that children are continously learning and having fun in a safe and stimulating environment.

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JR Pre-School2 years - 3 years

Our Junior Preschool routines include many activities such as: circle time, singing, arts and crafts, literature and free play. The children are provided Jolly Phonics and opportunity to master their pincer grasp through arts and craft and worksheets.

Kids learning

Pre-School3 years - 4 years

Jelly Bean's main focus is on an enhanced curriculum that represents the child's specific academic ability and provides mental stimulation. Fine motor skills are developed by completing several worksheets a day and sight word recognition begins for the early reader.

Kids learning

Senior Pre-School4 years - 6 years

The teachers work hard to develop skills in math, science, geography, writing, and reading. Early exposure and knowledge to these skills creates the foundation and building blocks for a bright and confident child entering Grade 1.

Come for a Visit

We encourage you to visit our site. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.


Our Philosophy

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What is our philosophy?

The fundamental goal at Jelly Bean is for every child to have an enriching experience that will not only empower children with knowledge but to have them acquire it in a fun and exciting way.

There are many different types of schools/childcare centers and teaching methods. With so many different philosophies it is hard to make a decision on the right school for a child. We believe that no one specific method of teaching is the best. Therefore, we have incorporated a program that encompass different learning methods in one. Certain aspects of Montessori, Jolly Phonics, High Scope and Parallel Play all have an important part in making children excel and grow.

  • Give children the opportunity to love to learn by making it fun.
  • Make them learn without even knowing they are working at it.
  • Everyday tasks are a learning experience.
  • Repetition is key to success.
  • Challenge a child everyday.
  • Most importantly, show love, comfort and provide a safe environment where children can be children.

Parent Resources

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Jelly Bean Materials

Below is our fee schedule and registration package. Please download the documents and fill out the information to enroll your child at Jelly Bean Daycare.

Registration Rates


Contact and Location


Jelly Bean is conveniently located at 1160 Clarence St. The major intersection is Rutherford and Islington in the city of Vaughan. If you need assistance in guiding your way to us, just call us at the number listed below.